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With more than 30 years experience in road transport.

The only PET transport in Europe with a fully qualified transport manager.

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Professional transport for responsible owners.

Run by animal lovers and dedicated to quality care in road transport, Animal Express is the last word in consistent quality pet movement.

Properly licensed and insured to operate throughout the EU, we offer purpose-built vehicles   and the highest trained staff. Not only do we lay our credentials bare, we tell you what you need to know, no matter who you choose as your road transport provider.

What is more, we are inspected and approved by all the recognised animal welfare organisations in addition to being properly licensed by DEFRA.

And yet we go even further, meeting or exceeding EU law governing all livestock, such is our drive to raise the bar in long-distance pet travel.

No other carrier operates to the full livestock requirements, and none actively invite inspection by our customers, animal welfare groups and foreign regulatory authorities.

No other transporter is led by a qualified and internationally recognised road haulage expert. And no other transporter campaigns for greater policing of this important sector.

Only Animal Express delivers on all these points. Only Animal Express delivers a consistently high level of care.



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